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Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics



Environmental Geotechnics deals with a wide variety of applications, such as the characterization of polluted sites and landfill waste, the design of containment systems for subsoil pollutant control, radioactive waste disposal, geo-energy exploitation and bacteria-driven soil modification, among others


  • ISBN: 978-1-13-800060-5
  • Páginas: 732
  • Tamaño: 17x24
  • Edición:
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 2013

Disponibilidad: 15 a 30 Días

Contenido Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics

Environmental Geotechnics deals with a wide variety of applications, such as the characterization of polluted sites and landfill waste, the design of containment systems for subsoil pollutant control, radioactive waste disposal, geo-energy exploitation and bacteria-driven soil modification, among others. Reliable and effective predictions of the actual behaviour and performance of these very complex systems require a deep understanding of the coupled hydro-bio-chemo-mechanical phenomena that occur at very different scales. Future progress in the scientific state of the art and substantial advancements in the standard practices will therefore be closely related to the development of shared knowledge among different disciplines. The extension and refinement of theoretical modelling and the experimentation capabilities stimulated by geo-environmental applications more in general provide the framework for substantial advancements in the soil and rock mechanics fields.

Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics collects the special lectures and papers presented at the International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics (Torino, Italy, 1-3 July 2013), which was organized by the Italian Geotechnical Society within the framework of Technical Committee TC 215 of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). The book, with contributions not only from the geotechnical community, but also from related and complementary disciplines, is of particular interest to engineers and academics in geotechnical and environmental engineering.

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Special papers

Keynote lectures

Recent advances in understanding and improving the performance of lining and capping systems for landfill and mining applications

R.K. Rowe

Coupled modelling of barriers for radioactive waste disposal

A. Gens

Application of solid potassium permanganate to oxidize VOC vapours: Batch and column experiments

M.G. Mahmoodlu, S.M. Hassanizadeh, N. Hartog & A. Raoof

General reports

Membrane behavior in engineered bentonite-based containment barriers: State of the art

C. Shackelford

Liquid and gas flow in municipal solid waste

W. Powrie, R.P. Beaven, D.S. Holmes & A.P. Hudson

Experimental evidence of anisotropy in municipal solid waste

D. Zekkos

Impact of subgrade water content on cation exchange and hydraulic conductivity of geosynthetic clay liners in composite barriers

C.H. Benson

Advances in the analysis of thermo-active foundations

L. Laloui, T. Mimouni & F. Dupray

Bio-geo-chemical processes for improvement of soil engineering properties with focus on microbially induced calcite precipitation

J.D. DeJong, B.C. Martinez, T.R. Ginn & D.C. Nelson

Multiphase aspects of soil contamination by immiscible petroleum hydrocarbons

P. Delage

Electrokinetic remediation of soils at complex contaminated sites: Technology status, challenges, and opportunities

K.R. Reddy

Cement bentonite cutoff walls for polluted sites

K. Soga, K. Joshi & J.C. Evans

Specific lectures

Osmotic phenomena in bentonites

A. Dominijanni, M. Manassero & S. Puma

Effect of mechanical settlement on biogas transfer in MSW landfills

L. Oxarango, J.P. Gourc, G. Stoltz & A.J. Tinet

Mass loss and volume change: From sand-salt analogues to MSW

J.R. McDougall, I.R. Fleming, R. Thiel, P. Dewaele, D. Parker & D. Kelly

Modeling the coupled chemo-hydro-mechanical behavior of compacted active clays

G. Musso, G. Della Vecchia & E. Romero

Soil effective thermal conductivity from energy pile thermal tests

A. Bouazza, B.Wang & R.M. Singh

Modification of clay consolidation properties using microbial gas production

A.M. Puzrin

Injection of zero-valent iron micro- and nano-particles for groundwater remediation: Laboratory tests and transport modelling

T. Tosco, F. Gastone & R. Sethi

Modelling gas and water flow in environmental problems

S. Olivella

Migration of aggressive solutions through cement-bentonite slurry walls

E. Fratalocchi, V. Brianzoni, M. Di Sante, F. Mazzieri & E. Pasqualini

General papers

Landfill bottom and sides lining systems

Comparison of natural, polymer treated, and sodium activated Ca-bentonites

G. Di Emidio, R.D.F. Verastegui & A. Bezuijen

Dynamic shear behavior of geosynthetic-soil interface and numerical implementation considering chemical effect

C.W. Kwak, I.J. Park, J.B. Park & J.K. Kim

Influence of membrane behavior on solute diffusion through GCLs

M. Malusis, J. Kang & C. Shackelford

Hydraulic behaviour of activated calcium bentonite mixed with polyionic charged polymers for landfill and earthwork applications

A. Razakamanantsoa, I. Djeran-Maigre & G. Barast

Interaction between clogging of a leachate drainage layer and leakage through a composite liner

R.K. Rowe, Y. Yu & M.S. Hosney

Some geotextiles properties useful for HDPE geomembrane puncture protection

G. Stoltz, D. Croissant & N. Touze-Foltz

Landfill waste characterization

Geotechnical characterization of waste dredged sediments for Algerian dams

M.A. Bourabah, B. Serbah, N. Abou-Bekr & S. Taibi

Dynamic characterization of municipal solid waste by SDMT

F. Castelli & M. Maugeri

Correlation between compressibility and degradation for a PTMB waste

M. Conte, J.P. Gourc, P. Carrubba & L. Oxarango

A laboratory landfill simulator for physical, geotechnical, chemical and microbial characterization of solid waste biodegradation processes

X. Fei, D. Zekkos & L. Raskin

Leachate recirculation using horizontal trenches considering the effect of MSW settlement

S.J. Feng & X. Zhang

2011 East Japan earthquake and tsunami – Geoenvironmental challenges

T. Katsumi, T. Inui, A. Takai, K. Endo, H. Sakanakura, T. Yasutaka, Y. Otsuka, H. Suzuki, H. Sakamoto, M. Okawara & H. Imanishi

Composition and degradation effects on the compaction characteristics of municipal solid wastes

H.F. Pulat &Y. Yukselen-Aksoy

Shear strength of municipal waste materials from two landfills in Serbia

D. Raki?, L. ?aki & S. ?ori?

Stability and settlement analysis of landfills and natural slopes

HydroMechanical coupled model for unsaturated phenomena in a rainfall-induced landslide

W. Arairo, I. Djéran-Maigre, F. Prunier & A. Millard

A model for anaerobic degradation of municipal solid waste

Y.M. Chen, R.Y. Guo, Y.C. Li & L.T. Zhan

Water retention and shrinkage properties of a cemented dredged material

A.C.F. Chiu, X.P. Hu, C.W.W. Ng & G.H. Lei

J -integral as a useful fracture parameter for analysis of desiccation cracking in clayey soils

S. Costa, J. Kodikara & J. Xue

Soil mass stability analysis using Euler-Lagrange coupling

M.S. ¸Serbulea, A. Andronic, D.M. Manoli &A. Priceputu

Piggyback liner detection by means of spatially constrained inversion of SWM data

S. Stocco, C. Castiglia & D. Mainero

Three-dimensional rotational-translational mechanism for the stability analysis of landfill

H.Wang & M. Huang

Linings for radioactive waste and capping systems for landfills and polluted sites

Environmental restoration with deep roots herbaceous species

N. Era & T. Verrascina

Micropore vs. macropore flow: Implications for landfill final cover design

M.V. Khire & D.S. Saravanathiiban

Coupled thermo-hydraulic pulse tests on two reference Belgian clay formations

A. Lima, E. Romero, A. Gens, J. Vaunat & X.L. Li

Improved correction factor for indirect determination of permeability function

Priono, H. Rahardjo, E.C. Leong, J.Y.Wang & K. Chatterjea

Capillary barrier system for landfill capping

H. Rahardjo, A. Satyanaga, F.R. Harnas, J.Y.Wang & E.C. Leong

Geosynthetic clay liner gas permeability relationship with moisture content and suction under pre-conditioning stresses

M.A. Rouf, R.M. Singh, A. Bouazza & R.K. Rowe

Modeling of strain localization around the radioactive waste disposal galleries

F. Salehnia, R. Charlier & S. Levasseur

Constitutive model for unsaturated soils based on the effective stress

H. Shin & S.R. Lee

Crack control of landfill liner and cap materials using nano-alumina powder

M.R. Taha & O.M. Taha

Underground energy issues

Coupled phenomena induced by freezing in a granular material

F. Casini, A. Gens, S. Olivella & G.M.B. Viggiani

Numerical study of the heating-cooling effects on the geotechnical behaviour of energy piles

A. Di Donna, F. Dupray & L. Laloui

Effect of groundwater flow on the THM behavior of an energy pile

F. Dupray, M. Baehler & L. Laloui

Thermal, hydraulic and mechanical performances of enhanced grouting materials for borehole heat exchanger

S. Erol & B. François

Technical and economic feasibility study of different thermal energy supply systems scenarios for multi-residential buildings

R. Katzenbach, F. Clauss, D. Casini & H. Früchtenicht

Long term performance of heat exchanger piles

C.G. Olgun, S.L. Abdelaziz & J.R. Martin

A device for studying simultaneous heat and moisture movement through soils

B.H. Rao

Soil thermal behavior of a horizontal ground source heat system

H.R. Thomas, B.D.P. Hepburn & M. Sedighi

Natural and anthropogenic bio-chemical processes within soils and rocks

Mechanical and hydraulic effects of deep roots planting on slope stability

M. Cecconi, V. Pane, P. Napoli & C. Zarotti

Chemo-mechanical weathering of calcarenites: Experiments & theory

M.O. Ciantia, C. di Prisco & R. Castellanza

Chemo-mechanical behaviour of a low activity clay

A. Ferrari, P.Witteveen & L. Laloui

Exploiting physico-chemical modification of soils in closed face tunnelling

S.A. Jefferis & A.S. Merritt

Combining biomineralization with chemically enhanced drainage in soils

P. Minder &A.M. Puzrin

Characterization of polluted sites and related aquifers

Characterization of LNAPL distribution in whole domains subject to precipitation by the simplified image analysis method

G. Flores, T. Katsumi, T. Inui & H. Ramli

Interaction of metal adsorption and solubilization in a lateritic clay

S.G. Gabas & M.E.G. Boscov

Factors affecting heavy metal leaching from excavated rocks with natural contamination

T. Inui, T. Katsumi, A. Takai & M. Kamon

Novel techniques for simulating and monitoring impact of contaminants on geoenvironment

K.R. Iyer, P. Pathak & D.N. Singh

Studying the effects of contamination on the geotechnical properties of clayey soil

M.O. Karkush, A.T. Zaboon & H.M. Hussien

Batch equilibrium test methodology for estimating the retardation factor (Rd) using a hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) solution

L.S. Macedo, F.P. Manéo & G. Mondelli

The resistivity piezocone for high resolution geo-environmental site investigation: A Brazilian example

M.T. Riyis & H.L. Giacheti

A case study of contaminant transport and fate at a landfill site in China

M. Sedighi, H.R. Thomas, H.J. Xie, Y.M. Chen & C. Guan

Effect of geometrical sand drains on consolidation of soft contaminated marine clays using Oedometer

M.V. Shah & A.V. Shroff

Geostatistical analysis of groundwater nitrates distribution in the Plaine d’Alsace

R.-L. Spacagna, C. de Fouquet & G. Russo

Degradation extraction and inerting systems for the reclamation of polluted sites

The use of lime in the stabilization and solidification of lateritic soil contaminated with tannery effluent

A.O. Eberemu

Preliminary results on the stabilization of dredged sediments from the Port of Taranto

A. Federico, A. Murianni, E. Miccoli, C. Vitone, M. Nobile & G. Internò

Sustainable remediation of contaminated sites

C.N. Mulligan, S. Dumais & R. Noel-de-Tilly

Prediction of time to reduce tsunami sediment salinity by rainfall after the Great East Japan Earthquake

K. Tada, H. Komine & S. Murakami

Green and sustainable remediation of contaminated Indian Ridge Marsh site in Chicago, USA

E.N. Yargicoglu & K.R. Reddy

Active and passive barriers for polluted sites

Critical aspects related to Fe0 and Fe0/pumice PRB design

S. Bilardi, P.S. Calabrò & N. Moraci

Flow numerical modeling for efficiency assessment of vertical barriers in landfills

E. Koda, P. Osi?ski & T. Ko?anka

Design, installation and performance of containment system at a petroleum-release site

A. Sanzeni, M. Morando, E. Crescini & A. Guerini

Hydraulic barrier performance of soil bentonite mixture cutoff wall

A. Takai, T. Inui, T. Katsumi, M. Kamon & S. Araki

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