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Transit Development in Rock Mechanics: Recognition, Thinking and Innovation



Transit Development in Rock Mechanics—Recognition, Thinking and Innovation contains 150 papers presented at the 3rd ISRM International Young Scholars’ Symposium on Rock Mechanics (8-10 November 2014, Xi’an, China). The volume focusses on the transitional development in rock mechanics research from surface to underground mining and from shallow to a deep rock excavations, and on the transition of knowledge, thinking and innovation from pioneers to the young generation. The contributions cover a wide range of topics:


  • ISBN: 978-1-13-802730-5
  • Páginas: 824
  • Tamaño: 17x24
  • Edición:
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 2014

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Contenido Transit Development in Rock Mechanics: Recognition, Thinking and Innovation

Transit Development in Rock Mechanics—Recognition, Thinking and Innovation contains 150 papers presented at the 3rd ISRM International Young Scholars’ Symposium on Rock Mechanics (8-10 November 2014, Xi’an, China). The volume focusses on the transitional development in rock mechanics research from surface to underground mining and from shallow to a deep rock excavations, and on the transition of knowledge, thinking and innovation from pioneers to the young generation. The contributions cover a wide range of topics:

1.Field investigation and measurements

2.Physical and mechanical properties of rocks

3.Analysis and design methods for rock engineering

4.Numerical and physical modeling

5.Multi-fields coupling analysis methods

6.Rock slope, tunnel and foundation engineering

7.Monitoring and control of rock pressure in underground engineering

8.Dynamic rock mechanics and blasting

9.Support and reinforcement techniques for geotechnical engineering

10.Prediction and control of artificial hazards with excavation in rock

Transit Development in Rock Mechanics—Recognition, Thinking and Innovation will be invaluable to engineers and academics interested or involved in rock mechanics, geotechnical engieering, mine engineering and underground engineering.

The Symposium was organized by the Commission on Education of International Society for Rock Mechanics and Xi’an University of Science and Technology, and sponsored by the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) and the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (CSRME).

Table of Contents


Field investigation and measurements

Study on time-space deformation features of sand strata due to water injection in Huadong mining area
J.D. Qi, D.D. Zhang, J. Chai, B. Zhang, Y. Li & R.Y. Chen

Experimental study on different forms of fiber Bragg grating sensors detecting for rock model test
Q. Yuan, J. Chai, Y. Li & G.H. Zhang

Study of detection and identification for weak structure in neighboring zone of lake
J. Hua & Z.Y. Tan

Hydraulic fracturing in-situ stress measurements in the Jijicao rock block of the Beishan area, China
X.G. Zhao, L.K. Ma, X.Y. Wang & X.H. Qin

Comprehensive application of digital borehole camera in the geological survey of coral reefs
J.C. Wang & C.Y. Wang

Two dimensional closed-form solutions of acoustic emission source location for minimal element monitoring arrays
L.J. Dong, X.B. Li, F.Q. Gong & G.H. Chen

Geostress measurement and analysis of the slope rockmass with hydraulic fracturing method in Gaocun Iron Mine
Z.C. Zhang, Q.F. Guo, C. Peng, L. Zhao & H. Zhang

Analysis and survey on tri-electrode sounding of consequent fault in Dumu open pit mine
L.S. Chang, L. Pan & M. Zhang

Quick estimation method on parameters of loosened zone around large underground cavern based on measured data from embedded multipoint extensometers
J. Zou & Z.K. Li

Determination the cutting height of top-coal caving with great mining height in extra thick coal seam
D.Z. Kong, G.F. Song & J.W. Zhang

Research on the variation rules of stress in deep exploitation of hard rock metal mines based on dynamic mine pressure monitoring
Z.J. Chen, H.G. Ji, Z.J. Zhang & Z.H. Wu

Physical and mechanical properties of rocks

Study on the AE characteristics of the fracture of corrosion concrete based on three point bending notched tests
C.L. Song, B.L. Chen, Y.F. Hou, H.G. Ji & S. You

Based on the AE characteristics to study the failing process of deep granite under cyclic loading
L. Chen, L. Qiao & X. Wang

Study on creep properties and constitutive model of carbonaceous slates under dry and saturated states
Y.J. Song & S.Y. Lei

Experimental research on damage characterization of Porous Rock-like Composite Material under external loadings
X.P. Lai, H.H. Zhao, P.F. Shan, B. Liu, J.W. Zheng & H. Sun

Experimental study on strength and deformation characteristics of sylvine under the condition of triaxial compression
X.S. Qin, H. Cao, S.B. Yu & Z.G. Tao

Study on destruction development model under restrictive shear creep
H.B. Zhao & H.H. Li

A creep constitutive model of fractured rocks under consideration of the surface roughness
J. Tang, J.A. Wang, Y.X. Wang & Q.J. Cao

An investigation of salt rock creeping mechanics under Oil-Based Mud
B. Hou, D.D. Li & M. Chen

Engineering behavior of coral reef calcareous rock in East Java, Indonesia
G.Y. Tang, Z.H. Liu & J.G. Zheng

Experimental of unloading mechanical properties of rock under different stress paths
B. Dai, G.Y. Zhao, C. Yang & L.J. Dong

Acoustic emission characteristics of lamprophyre under uniaxial loading
J.R. Feng, G.R. Feng, Y.X. Guo, Z. Li, J. Guo, D. Li & X.Q. Jia

Study on Acoustic Emission characteristics of phyllite under uniaxial compression based on lack-of-earthquake prediction method
K. Zhao, S.J. Cheng, Z.C. Zhu & L.L. Jiang

Comparative analysis on rock strength criterion under considering of tensile strength
L. Zhang, J. Yin & N.L. Hu

Analysis of water and ice content during rock freezing based on the three-valued segmentation of frozen rock CT images
H. Liu, G.S. Yang, Y.J. Shen, W.J. Ye & H.M. Zhang

Experimental research of seepage characteristics caused by coal floor rock full of stress and strain process, operated by No. 5 Taiyuan group
A. Li

Study on the strength characteristics of rocks under true triaxial unloading condition
K. Du, C.D. Ma, X.B. Li & D.Y. Li

Laboratory studies of the mechanisms preparation of brittle rock samples failure
V.V. Makarov, A.M. Golosov, N.A. Opanasiuk & A.S. Gunko

Experimental researching of buffer material specimen
J.Y. Gu & L. Qiao

Analysis of large scale coal sample damage and acoustic emission characteristics with stratification structure of parallel and vertical
X.M. Liu, X.P. Lai, Z.H. Lv, L.B. Li & X.M. Liu

Experimental research on stress-strain and creep characteristics of rich-water packing material hardening body
Q. Zhou, J.H. Liu, Z.Q. Wang, M. Gao & Y. Ma

Study on the failure omen of cemented filling body—features of the response ratio
H. Chen, P.F. Xing & W.M. Guan

Fracture behavior of Dingziwan granite with Cracked Straight Through Brazilian disc specimen by two splitting loading methods
F.Q. Gong, D.H. Lu, L.J. Dong & Q.H. Rao

Analysis of the constitutive model of Gaomiaozi bentonite based on the experiments about elastic-plastic mechanical feature
H.R. Guo, L. Qiao & Y. Li

Analysis and design methods for rock engineering

Distribution of elastic energy in steeply inclined seam roof and the releasing method
J.W. Zhang & J.A. Wang

Study on mining technology of ore-body in over thousand-meter depths under mined-out area
F.G. Sun, Y.P. Wu, J.P. Guo & X.B. Hu

Study on movement of surrounding rock and instability mechanism of rock mass structure in steeply dipping seam mining
H.W. Wang, Y.P. Wu & P.S. Xie

Application of Hidden Markov Model for mining microseimic signals classification
Q.J. Zhu, F.X. Jiang, Z.X. Yu, Z.L. Han, S.Q. Li & P.X. Zhang

Borehole stability build sections of horizontal wells for anisotropic coal seam
J. Zhao, S.Z. Meng & R.H. Mo

Mechanism analysis about surrounding rock failure of winch chamber in Yangzhuang mine
D.M. Guo, S. Wu, C.G. Wang, T. Li & T.Y. He

Optimization parameters of the slope under open-underground combined mining
S.R. Wang, C.L. Li, P.P. Liu & J.M. Zhu

Research on safety control of high-rise buildings under influence of tunneling
G.M. Yu, X.G. Zang, Z.H. Guo, Y. Kang & S.B. Lu

Strength deteriorating of unloading rock mass in highly stressed roadway
H.J. Lu, F. Gao, D.Q. Gan & T. Luo

Study on the failure process of marble using maximum entropy theory
W.W. Ji, P.Z. Pan & F.S. Su

Neural network application in the optimization of soft rock supporting
H. Chen, G.J. Cui & S.J. Miao

Design of water curtain system for an underground oil storage caverns in China
Z.C. Wang & S.C. Li

Stability analysis of surrounding rock of underground group caverns in filling mining
Y. Zhu & Z.Y. Tan

Based on improved BP neural network study on meso-mechanical properties of limestone
B.L. Li & Y.B. Li

Tensile stress mobilization along a rockbolt under shear load
L. Li, P.C. Hagan & S. Saydam

Back analysis of rock parameters based on neural network and FLAC
C.H. Li, J.W. Peng & K. Zhao

Experimental study on corrosion characteristics of concrete shaft lining by ultrasonic detection
Y.F. Hou, S. You & H.G. Ji

Numerical and physical modeling

The 3D numerical study on growth and coalescence of pre-existing flaws in rock-like materials subjected to compressive loads
X.P. Zhou & J. Bi

Study on rock stress and movement in large height and shallow mining face
S.G. Li, Z.W. Bi & Z.G. Sun

Parameter inverse analysis from hydraulic fracturing using hybrid MSVM-ABC model
Z.H. Huang & H.B. Zhao

Anisotropic numerical analysis on failure modes of dip layered rock slopes and engineering application
W.H. Shi, T.H. Yang, P.T. Wang, B.B. Song & D. Xia

Numerical simulation on top-coal movement law under caving mining technique in steeply dipping seam influenced by caving sequence
J.W. Zhang, Z.Y. Song & H.L. Geng

Numerical simulation on the time-dependent crack propagation in rock under constant loads
X. Li & Heinz Konietzky

The physical model experimental study on the construction of bedded salt rock energy underground storage
H.F. Qiu, X.P. Lai, D.Y. Jiang & J. Chen

Numerical analysis of interactive tunnel construction with small interval
X.F. Shi, B.F. Wang, M. Li & L.H. Zhang

Reinforcement evaluation of high arch dam concrete socket based on nonlinear finite element method
Z.H. Song, Y.R. Liu, Q. Yang & Q. Chang

Simulation of non-equilibrium evolution for rock mass base on creep-damage model
Y.R. Liu, Z. He, L. Zhang, J.Q. Deng & Q. Yang

A numerical study on the anisotropism behavior of infilled joint rockmass
L. Shi & X.H. Gao

Study on abutment pressure in thick coal seam under the compound key strata
M.G. Xu, K.Q. Dong, H.Y. Pan, S.G. Li & J.Z. Han

Multi-fields coupling analysis methods

FEM analysis on stability of shaft frozen wall in rich water sandstone
Y.P. Miao, J.L. Sun, K. Zhang & J.X. Ren

Study on mechanical property and temperature field of frozen wall in cretaceous strata
G.S. Yang, Y.L. Qu & J.M. Xi

Experimental study of the evolution pattern of overlying fissure in ascending mining system
X.P. Shao, W.H. Yang & X.Q. Yuchi

A hydro-mechanical coupled algorithm for unsaturated soil in FLAC3D
Y.F. Zhou, L.G. Tham & S.P. Fan

Stability analysis and blasting caving treatment of the complex goaf system
D.S. Wang, J.P. Chang, Z.M. Yin & F. Fei

Analysis of aquifuge beam mechanical model in the strip filling water preserved mining
Q.X. Huang & J.Q. Lai

Study on gas seepage-stress-damage coupling model in mining coal and rock and its application
G. Xu, S.G. Li & C. Liu

Multi-field coupling effect of deep excavation under the stress path of unloading
T. Cheng, K.Q. Yan, X.F. Luo, Z.Y. Yu & W.H. Xu

Simulation of coupled THM processes in Opalinus clay with an EPCA3D
P.Z. Pan, X.T. Feng, W.W. Ji & F.S. Su

The analysis of effects on shear strength characteristics of loess by moisture content changes and freeze-thaw circle
J.F. Tian, W.J. Ye & G.S. Yang

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical behavior of compacted GMZ bentonite
S.F. Cao, Y.M. Liu, J.L. Xie & L.K. Ma

Analysis on changes of temperature and frost heaving damage in fractured rock under the low temperature condition

Y.J. Shen, G.S. Yang, T.L. Rong, H. Liu & Y.Z. Yuan

Rock slope, tunnel and foundation engineering

Study on ultimate slope angle optimization and stability analysis of slopes in an open-pit mine
C. Peng, Q.S. Guo, Z.C. Zhang, L. Zhao & Z.X. Yan

Shaking table test for slope supported with anchors and lattice beams
J. Hao, Y. Huang, Y. Men & B. Wang

Estimation of minimum rock cover for a sub-water tunnel
S.W. Chen

Deformation and failure characteristics of high and steep slope and the impact
of underground mining

D.S. Wang, J.P. Chang, Z.M. Yin & Y.G. Lu

Time effect of stress and deformation for surrounding rocks in deep-buried tunnels
during unloading

L. Zhao, F.H. Ren, D. Ji, C. Peng & Q.S. Guo

The research of slope instability mechanism based on microseismic moment tensor inversion
Y.T. Gao, J.F. Cha, S.C. Wu, A.B. Jin & Y.S. Zhang

The analysis of slope stability and optimized slope angle for the open-pit mining of a porphyry copper mine
H. Cao, J.J. Hu & P. Wu

Experimental study on the whole process of excavation deformation and failure phenomena of slope rock mass under the condition of high pressure
Z.G. Tao, H.P. Li, S. Zhao, K. Jin & J.H. Su

Characteristics of burnt rock and slope stability analysis in Laojunmiao open pit coal mine
Y. Li, T.H. Yang & L. Yu

A three-dimensional runout analysis model for rapid landslide motion accounting for the deformation of sliding body
H.Q. Yang, Y.F. Lan & D.X. Yan

Research on slope stability of Yanshan iron mine after water control works in east slope
Y.B. Zhang, D.Q. Gan & S.Q. Nan

Loess slope stability analysis based on infinite article point method
Y. Liang, B. Zhi & Y. Liu

Impact of supporting pressure at excavation face on surface deformation in Xi’an metro shield construction
B. Zhi, Y. Liang & Y. Liu

The analysis of slope stability of reversed multilayered binary soil hybrid structure
Z.S. Li, L. Zhang & W. Gao

Evaluation model for predicting affected area of Debris flow induced by rock landslide
X.Y. Liu, W. Cai & Y. Wang

A probability method of slope unit stability analysis based on reliability index
B. Dong, X.B. Wang & X.Y. Liu

Stability analysis of jointed rock slope based on particle flow code
S.C. Wu, X.L. Xu & W. Zhao

Effect of seepage field on the stability of thick tertiary soft rock in a high open-pit slope
G.S. Liu, X.C. Yang & H. Cao

Numerical tests on failure process of rock slopes with a weak stratum
L.X. Tang, Y.J. Yang, Y.L. Wen & S. Chang

Monitoring and control of rock pressure in underground engineering

Mine earthquake prevention and control technology induced by old coalmine goafs based on surface isolation grouting
W. Li

Formation and evolution of the near—far filed structure of overlying strata in shallow long wall face
Y.F. Ren

A new modified Hoek-Brown failure criterion considering the effect of the intermediate principal stress and its applicability analysis
L.J. Ma, G.A. Wang, X.Y. Liu, Q.K. Yi & Y.S. Wang

Research on elliptic fracture mobilization in repeated mining of multiple coal seams
S.G. Li, Y. Ding, Z.F. An, H.T. Li & X.W. Wei

Deformation monitoring and security-stability analysis for tailings pond starter dam with sectional construction
H. Wang, H.T. Ma & Y.X. Wu

A new location method of microseismic source without pre-measuring speed
L.Q. Huang & X.B. Li

Study of influence of different distances between foundation pit and bridge pier on adjacent bridge pier
S. Bo & J.X. Zhang

Collapse distance of rock falls of slope under the earthquakes based on probabilistic method
B. Song, S. Huang, Y.S. Ye, D.G. Cai & H.Y. Yan

Characteristics of stress field of the Erdos Basin and its effects on the deep mining
B. Wang & X.P. Lai

Study on the pressure behavior law of fully mechanized face with large mining height in Yangchangwan coal mine
F.L. He, X. Mei, L.L. Meng & N.B. Wang

Development of bolt stress online-monitoring system on wall rocks in metal mine
H.T. Ma, J.A. Wang, Y.F. Liu & S.J. Liu

Study on water-blocking effect of main roof bearing structure in sharp dipping seam mining
J.Y. Feng & Z.P. Guo

Research on the method and system of evaluation model for early warning based on ground pressure monitoring information
Y.F. Liu

Dynamic rock mechanics and blasting

Numerical simulation of surface blasting in influence of stability of underground chambers
Z. He & Z.Y. Tan

Technology for reducing boulder yield of blasting in fracture developed rock of an open-pit mine
J.J. Hu, B. Yu, L. Zheng & P. Wu

Numerical simulation of rock burst danger of longwall mining face located in the footwall of skew fault
Z.X. Yu, S.J. Liu, Q.J. Zhu & F.X. Jiang

Rockburst prediction for deep-buried tunnels at Jinping II hydropower station using microseismic monitoring
N.W. Xu, F. Dai & L.X. Tang

Dynamic strength and crack propagation behavior of marble specimens containing single hole under impact loading
D.Y. Li, T.J. Cheng & T. Zhou

An experimental method to determine the dynamic tensile strength of rock at high rates of strain
M. Tao, X.B. Li, T. Zhou, S.M. Wang & D. Kun

Research on open-pit mine blasting load equivalent way
J. Hu & L.L. Jin

Analysis of safety effect on explosive in loaded cavern under the surface blasting
D. Zhou, Z.Y. Tan, Z.J. Huang & Z.Q. Xie

Dynamic stress analysis and application for gas drainage through strata by presplitting blasting
M. Gong, B. Wen, H. Wang & F.W. Zhang

Numerical simulation analysis of reasonable interval charging length in open deep-hole blasting
X. Wu, Y.P. Zhang, X.X. Zhu & C.S. Wu

Coal-rock mass dynamic fracturing characteristics and deep critical discrete range in fault zones
F.H. Ren, Q.F. Guo, J.W. Zheng & X.P. Lai

Study on nonlinear dynamics model method for prediction of rock slope deformation
Z.Q. Zhang, G.J. Zhang, Y.L. Wen & L.S. Chang

Support and reinforcement techniques for geotechnical engineering

Reliability analysis of primary support for grade V surrounding rock in highway tunnels
B.T. Deng, S.Q. Su & J.X. Ren

The deformation mechanism of soft coal roadway under mining activity influence and its support technology
Z.G. Sun, S.G. Li, L.H. Li & L.T. Tian

Regularity of spatial distribution and correlation analysis of rock burst under the action of mining disturbance
H. Jiang, H.G. Ji, S. You & X.L. Tian

Study on reinforcement technique of development roadway with high argillaceous surrounding rock in Jurassic strata
C.J. Lian, J.Z. Hou, G.L. Gao, G. Wang & W.T. Song

Study on the stability of surrounding rock in broken soft rock roadway
A.X. Wu, L.M. Zhang, T. Li & L.M. Zhang

Experimental study on support mechanism of Thin Spray-on Liners in underground coal mines
Z.C. Li, R. Mitra, S. Saydam & D. Chalmers

Derive grouting technology in rock microfissure
X.F. Wei, X.N. Lv, Y.L. Duan, J.M. Feng & X.L. Liu

Analysis of anchoring reliability of small borehole prestressed single anchorage in coal mine
X.W. Chu

Safety research on dumping rocks along the collapse pit of Gong-chang-ling iron mine
Y. Wang & W.B. Sun

Experiment study on bearing capability of bolt arched pallet
Y.F. Zheng, H.P. Kang & J.X. Wu

Stability analysis and reinforcement on three-dimensional slope based on long-term strength of rock mass
W.H. Tan, X.H. Jiang, J. Li & L.H. Xu

Experimental study on the ultrasonic guided wave evaluation method of the integrity of grouting bolts
W. He, J. Liu, K. Zhao, H.G. Li & J.G. Ning

Study on mechanism and control technology of the floor heave in the high stress soft rock roadway
B. Sun

The failure law and support technique for fully-mechanized top-coal caving working face in extra-thick coal seams in deep coal mines
J.X. Ren & F. Yang

Prediction and control of artificial hazards with excavation in rock

Roadway support current situation of medium and small coal mine in South China and its measures
W.J. Yu, S.H. Du, T. Feng & W.J. Wang

Study on domino effect of the pillar instability by Vronoi method based on fuzzy set
C.H. Li, H.N. Qin, H.T. Ma & Y.H. Wang

Study on the occurrence mechanism of rockburst in a granite roadway of Linglong gold mine
L. Weng, X. Li & D. Liu

GIS method based risk evaluation for landslide hazard in Mian County, Shaanxi Province
X.C. Xue & Y.K. Fu

The influence of 406 shear structure zone on excavation induced seismicity in Sanshandao mine
T.C. Liu & Q.F. Guo

Study on slope stability of earth rockfill dam in the reinforcement process of building cut-off wall
J.L. Gao, W.R. Yu & C.Y. Zou

Study on experiment of breaking law of overlying strata and disaster characteristics in large mining height stope
L.H. Sun, H.G. Ji, S. You, Z.J. Zhang & H.X. Jia

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