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Rock Mechanics for Resources, Energy and Environment



This book contains the Proceedings of EUROCK 2013 – The 2013 ISRM International Symposium, which was held on 23-26 September 2013 in Wroclaw, Poland. The Symposium was organized by the ISRM National Group POLAND and the Institute of Geotechnics and Hydrotechnics of the Wroclaw Institute of Technology. The focus of the Symposium was on recent developments in the field of rock mechanics with an emphasis on the application of rock mechanics to the extraction of natural resources, securing energy supplies and protecting of the environment surrounding rock that is subjected to engineering activities.


  • ISBN: 978-1-13-800080-3
  • Páginas: 1000
  • Tamaño: 17x24
  • Edición:
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 2013

Disponibilidad: 15 a 30 Días

Contenido Rock Mechanics for Resources, Energy and Environment

This book contains the Proceedings of EUROCK 2013 – The 2013 ISRM International Symposium, which was held on 23-26 September 2013 in Wroclaw, Poland. The Symposium was organized by the ISRM National Group POLAND and the Institute of Geotechnics and Hydrotechnics of the Wroclaw Institute of Technology. The focus of the Symposium was on recent developments in the field of rock mechanics with an emphasis on the application of rock mechanics to the extraction of natural resources, securing energy supplies and protecting of the environment surrounding rock that is subjected to engineering activities.

The main topics, which were covered in the 150 papers (including six keynote papers) that make up this book are: rock mass characterization, laboratory and in-situ testing, constitutive models and numerical modeling, mathematical modeling of THM processes in rocks, mine design and ground control, underground storage and waste disposal, slope and open pit stability, dynamic phenomena in rock masses, design methodology in rock engineering, mechanical breakage of rocks, rock tunnel excavation and support, petroleum rock mechanics and geological CO2 sequestration. The book also includes the 2013 ISRM Franklin Lecture by A. Goricki on the engineering aspects of geotechnical tunnel design.

The book will be of interest and value to rock mechanics researchers as well as to professionals who are involved in the various branches of rock engineering.

The 2013 ISRM Franklin lecture

Engineering aspects of geotechnical tunnel design

A. Goricki

Keynote lectures

The mechanical behavior of salt and salt caverns

P. Bérest

The mechanisms and consequences of strong mining tremors that occur in Polish hard coal and copper mines

J. Dubinski

Geomechanical aspects of shale gas development

M.B. Dusseault

An overview of underground rock engineering risk

J.A. Hudson

Optimization, sensitivity and robustness analysis – Applications and trends in geomechanics

H. Konietzky & R. Schlegel

Geomechanical modeling of CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers – A review

X. Li, W. Yuan, B. Bai, M. Liu & H. He

1. Rock mass characterization

A preliminary geoengineering assessment of Bazda antique underground quarries in¸ Sanlıurfa, Turkey

C. Agan, M.I. Yesilnacar, M. Genis, S. Kulaksız, R. Ulusay, Ö. Aydan & M.D. Yücel

The geological and geotechnical susceptibility of Jurassic and Cretaceous units; A case study from Central-Western Portugal

P.S. Andrade, H. Ventura & P.M. Callapez

Characterisation and propagation of epistemic uncertainty in rock engineering: A slope stability example

A. Bedi & J.P. Harrison

Characterization of the “Chaotic Complex” (Northern Apennines, Italy)

M. Coli & M. Tanzini

Impact of expertise on rock fall assessment – An original study

A. Delonca, T. Verdel & Y. Gunzburger

Seismic reflections around a tunnel “viewed” through waveguides – A case study

J.M. Descour & H. Hume

Comparison between different estimators of the degree of rock mass fracturing

A.M. Ferrero, M.R. Migliazza & G. Umili

Passive three-dimensional microseismic imaging for mining-induced rock-mass degradation

J.-W. Huang, J.M. Reyes-Montes & R.P. Young

ERMR system and correlations with known rock mass rating systems

M. Jovanovski & I. Peshevski

Assessing the mechanical properties of a rock using indentation tests

H.-T. Le, F. Descamps, J.-P. Tshibangu, J.-F. Nauroy, O. Vincké & L. Cangémi

Rock mechanical aspects for cavern stability

T. Pilgerstorfer, H.Wannenmacher, K. Grossauer, A. Stucki & B. Schwegler

Study of the relation between cracks and the elastic properties of rock mass

I. Stan-Kłeczek & A.F. Idziak

Rock physical interpretation of the seismic properties of the excavation disturbed zone

T. Takahashi & S. Tanaka

Depth distribution of lithospheric strength determined by the self-unbalancing shear rupture mechanism

B.G. Tarasov

Geomechanical attributes of reconstituted Indian coals under carbon dioxide saturation

V. Vishal, P.G. Ranjith & T.N. Singh

Adjustment of rock mass strength parameters using direct shear tests carried out on large blocks

G.J. Zapata & A.P. Assis

Determination of the extent of fractured zones around mine openings using the resistivity and GPR methods

B. Zogała, M.J. Mendecki, W.M. Zuberek, T. Gołebiowski & W. Antonik

2. Laboratory and in-situ testing

On the accuracy of the in-situ Schmidt hammer test on carbonate rocks

H. Arman, W. Hashem, O. Abdelghany & A. Aldahan

Rockfall: Scaling factors for the Coefficient of Restitution

P. Asteriou, H. Saroglou & G. Tsiambaos

Nano-indentation tests on partially satured argillite: Experimental device and measurements

C. Auvray, R. Giot & D. Grgic

Measuring stress induced electric field in sandstone and granite using the Electric Potential Sensor

A. Aydın, M.R. Dobbs, H.J. Reeves, C.C. Graham & M.P. Kirkham

Characterization of the distribution of physical and mechanical properties of rocks at the Tutupan coal mine, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

M.A. Azizi, S. Kramadibrata, R.K.Wattimena & I.D. Sidi

Experimental study of the permeability evolution of a rock fracture under THMC conditions

A. Blaisonneau, M. Peter-Borie & S. Gentier

Simulation of single cutter experiments in evaporite using the discrete element method

C. Carrapatoso, S.A.B. da Fontoura, I.M.R. Martinez, N. Inoue, A. Lourenço & D. Curry

Damage and plasticity rate dependence of Luna limestone in uniaxial compression

J. Cieslik

Effective stresses in cohesive discontinuous rocks around a vertical drill hole

P. Ciobanu

A database to manage rock mechanical properties and assess formation abrasiveness for drilling

F. Descamps, J.-P. Tshibangu, N. da Silva & S. Regnard

Effect of an increase in rotation in a wear test to predict the durability of rock materials

J.L.E. Dias Filho, G.C. Xavier & P.C.A. Maia

The elastic wave velocity in rocks under triaxial stress at high pressure and temperature

A. Dziedzic & J. Pininska

Environmental characterization of the stress-corrosion cracking of rockbolts in underground coal mines using laboratory and in-situ testing

E. Elias, D. Vandermaat, A. Crosky, S. Saydam, P. Hagan, B.K. Hebblewhite & P. Craig

Effect of constant and varying mean stress levels of cyclic loading on the indirect tensile strength of rocks

N. Erarslan

Tensile fracturing of anisotropic Brisbane phyllite

N. Erarslan, D.J.Williams & A. Shokouhi

A new test for the characterization of highly jointed rock masses

C. González-Nicieza, M.B. Prendes-Gero, R. Fernandez-Rodriguez & F. Lopez-Gayarre

Influence of chemo-mineralogical transformations on micro/macro-mechanical properties of ironstone

D. Grgic

Influence of water vapor pressure in surrounding environment on strength and fracture toughness of rocks

M. Kataoka, Y. Obara & H.S. Jeong

Susceptibility of rock materials used in the construction of monuments to long-term salt crystallization

A.K. Kłopotowska & P.J. Łukaszewski

Beachrock mapping by geophysical exploration: Application toYagaji Island in Okinawa, Japan

R. Kubo, S. Kawasaki, K. Suzuki, S. Yamaguchi & T. Hata

Physical and mechanical characterization of weak schistose rocks

T. Le Cor, D. Rangeard, V. Merrien-Soukatchoff & J. Simon

Thermal conductivity of rocks under high pressure conditions

W. Lin, O. Tadai, T. Hirose,W. Tanikawa, M. Kinoshita, H. Mukoyoshi & M. Takahashi

Developing a high capacity direct shear apparatus for the large scale laboratory testing of rock joints

Z. Moradian, C. Gravel, A. Fathi, G. Ballivy, P. Rivard & M. Quirion

Some remarks on the experimental determination of the Biot coefficients

A. Nowakowski & J.Walaszczyk

Dynamic and static rock mechanical properties of heavy oil sandstones

C. Rabe, P. Perdomo & J. Cherrez

Selection and interpretation of shear strength parameters for weak phyllites

G.V. Ramana, Shashank Pathak & Nripendra Kumar

Evaluation of specific cutting energy in the circular sawing with the elastic parameters of rocks

N. Sengun, I. Ugur, S. Demirdag & R. Altindag

Strength behaviour of reinforced natural jointed rock

L.P. Srivastava & M. Singh

Estimation of the effects of the centrifugal hydraulic conductivity of impermeable rocks under constant head conditions

M. Takahashi,W. Lin & M. Kato

An in-situ monitoring system for natural temperature and relative humidity

A.J. Taylor, J.C. Cripps & S.D. Clarke

Micro-textural controlled variations of the geomechanical properties of andesites

Ö. Ündül, F. Amann, N. Aysal & M. Plötze

Loss slake index evaluation and its applicability to marl

G. Vlastelica, P. Mišcevic & D. Salvezani

Effect of scratch length on the Cerchar abrasivity index

O. Yaralı, H. Aydın, H. Duru &A. Özarslan

3. Constitutive models and numerical modeling

Strain-softening characterization of granitic rocks and numerical simulation of servo-controlled strength tests

J. Arzúa, J. Barbiero & L.R. Alejano

A constitutive model for jointed rock mass

A. Azami, T. Yacoub, J. Curran & D.Wai

Numerical investigation of asperity degradation in the direct shear test of rock joints

M. Bahaaddini, P. Hagan, R. Mitra & B.K. Hebblewhite

Micromechanics of geocomposites: CT images and FEM simulations

R. Blaheta, R. Kohut, A. Kolcun, K. Soucek & L. Staš

The coupled hydro-mechanical approach for fluid compressibility problems in porous media

S.R.C. Brant, M.P. Cordão Neto & I. Fernandes Gomes

Rheological behavior of jointed rock masses inferred from an analogue laboratory testing approach

M.E. Discenza, S. Martino, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, L. Stedile, A. Bretschneider & M. Teodori

Numerical simulation of the impact of a rock fall impact on a flexible barrier using Abaqus/Explicit 6.12

J.P. Escallón, C.Wendeler & M. Mrozik

Global methodology for the evaluation of the stress field in a rock mass from in-situ tests.

Application to the Salamonde II powerhouse cavern

M. Espada, L. Lamas, N. Leitão & B. Figueiredo

Influence of rock mass creep on tunnel loading

P. Fortsakis, A. Kalos, V. Despotaki & M.J. Kavvadas

A new time-dependent constitutive model and its application in underground construction

M. Karami & A. Fahimifar

Efficient and numerically stable anisotropic failure criterion for micro layered rock

M. Kawa & D. Łydzba

An extended Lemaitre’s viscoplastic model

X. Lei & F.L. Pellet

Modeling fault activation due to the evolution of remote stresses

M.T. Myers, V.A. Dunayevsky & M.B. Bennett

A case study of large scale rock mass preconditioning by confined blasting

I. Onederra, A. Catalan & G. Chitombo

Back analysis of rock mass behavior of the Quintner Limestone at the Gonzen mine near Sargans, Switzerland

M.A. Perras, E. Ghazvinian, M.S. Diederichs, F. Amann & H.Wannenmacher

Numerical simulation of the water jet excavation of soft rock saturated with water

K. Sakaguchi, Y. Yumoto & A. Kizaki

Elastic response of laterally loaded rock sockets using 3D finite element analyses

K.P. Tzivakos, M.J. Kavvadas & D.G. Kaltsas

The influence of the type of pore fluid in two-phase media on the form of consolidation equations

A. Uciechowska &T. Strzelecki

AWeibull distribution-based constitutive model of creep of salt rock

H.W. Zhou, J.Y. Ding, J.D. Liu & J.F. Liu

4. Mathematical modeling of coupled T-H-M processes in rocks

Definition and implementation of a fully coupled THM model for unsaturated rocks

A. Haxaire, V. Galavi & R.B.J. Brinkgreve

A study on shear characteristics of a smooth rock surface under different thermal, hydro and mechanical conditions

T. Kim, N. Zhang & S. Jeon

Periodic character of failure near openings in high-stress rock mass conditions

V.V. Makarov, L.S. Ksendzenko, N.A. Opanasyuk & A.M. Golosov

Three-dimensional modeling of a coupled shear-flow test on soft sedimentary rock

H. Park, K. Ito, M. Takahashi, M. Osada & G. Smolnik

Study of thermo-hydro-mechanical processes at the potential site of an Indian nuclear waste repository

A.K. Verma, T.N. Singh & R.K. Bajpai

Numerical modeling of induced seismicity associated with fluid injection and withdrawal using 2D discrete element fracture network model

J.S. Yoon, A. Zang, G. Zimmermann & O. Stephansson

5. Mine design and ground control

Strength of faults – A concern for mining engineers?

M. Alber

Critical energy and mine rockburst potential

M. Al Heib, G. Lafont, C. Didier, Y. Gunzburger, J.P. Piguet,W. Pytel & H. Mitri

The design and results of an innovative instrumentation method for monitoring and improving the excavation of a road tunnel in a highly fractured and strained rock mass

M.I. Álvarez-Fernández, M.B. Prendes-Gero, I.N. Álvarez-Garcia &A.O. Oliva-González

The shape effect and rock mass structural control for mine pillar design

L.A. Ayres da Silva, A.L.M. Ayres da Silva & E.C. Sansone

The residual risk of an abandoned mine

D. Brambilla, L. Longoni, M. Papini, D. Arosio & L. Zanzi

Analysis of the consequences of mining exploitation in substantially disturbed strata based on spatial measurements of a building’s tilt

L. Florkowska &A. Kanciruk

Geomechanical and geotechnical evaluation of maingate No. 080 5253 monitoring in the conditions of the Paskov mine

R. Kukutsch, K. Soucek, P. Konicek, J. Ptácek, P.Waclawik & R. Šnupárek

Stability analysis of deep coal mine main roadways for pumped hydropower lower reservoir storage

A. Özarslan, H.Y. Aydıner, E. Köken & M. Alber

Overburden deformation and damage caused by the construction of a hard rock tunnel – An analysis and countermeasures

G. Yu, S. Lu, D. Meng & G. Ouyang

6. Underground storage and waste disposal

Modeling the Excavation Damaged Zones in the Bátaapáti radioactive waste repository

F. Deák, L. Kovács & B. Vásárhelyi

Quantitative roughness profiling of fracture surfaces of a granitic host rock at a radioactive waste disposal site

Á. Krupa, F. Deák, P. Görög, I. Buocz & Á. Török

Rock mechanics for gas storage caverns with respect to optimization of operation

B. Leuger, K. Staudtmeister & D. Zapf

Feasibility and behavior of a full scale disposal cell in a deep clay layer

J. Morel, F. Bumbieler, N. Conil & G. Armand

Temporal analysis of fracturing using acoustic emissions at the Aspö Pillar Stability Experiment

H.C. Moretti, J.M. Reyes-Montes, J.R. Haycox & R.P. Young

7. Slope and open pit stability

Conditions of stability in a marl and limestone opencast mine

Z. Bednarczyk

An on-line landslide monitoring system in flysch Carpathians

Z. Bednarczyk

Swelling rocks in an open pit mine

M.E. Bilir & E. Aydıngun

The role of shear surface geometry in the definition of deep-seated gravitational slope deformation thresholds

D. Brambilla, L. Longoni, M. Papini, D. Arosio & L. Zanzi

Large scale field tests for slope stabilizations made with flexible facings

M. Cala, M. Stolz, P. Baraniak, A. Rist &A. Roduner

Application of stochastic methods for the strain and stability analysis of a slope

E. Hrubešová, B. Luˇnácková &T. Petrik

Physical modeling and simulation of slope failure by means of centrifuge acceleration

S. Kramadibrata, R.K.Wattimena, M.A. Azizi, Y.Wicaksana & I.D. Sidi

A safety inspection system for large-scale slopes in Korea

J.G. Lee, B.S. Jang, S.W. Bae, J.S. Moon, H.J. Sin & J.H. Park

Basic kinematic analysis of a rock slope using terrestrial 3D laser scanning on the M-22 highroad pilot site

M. Marjanovic, B. Abolmasov, U. Djuric, S. Zecevic & V. Šušic

Microseismicity due to gravity-induced rock-mass deformations and a related alarm system

S. Martino, A. Prestininzi, S. Rivellino, L. Lenti & A. Paciello

Comparison between the mechanical behavior of barriers against rock fall vs debris flows

A. Segalini, R. Brighenti, A.M. Ferrero & G. Umili

Rock fall modeling for protection barrier design and validation in the Sungun copper mine

R. Tajaddodian Far, N. Behi & F. Alilou

Slope optimization and design based on geotechnical and hydrogeological assessments for a new deep open pit coal mine

R. Ulusay, M. Ekmekci, E. Tuncay & N. Hasancebi

Influence of accuracy in specifying design input data on stability safety factors for excavated slopes in an open pit mine

V.K. Vavilova

Monitoring unstable slopes using Persistent Scatterers Interferometry: opportunities and challenges

J.Wasowski, F. Bovenga, D. Nitti & R. Nutricato

8. Dynamic phenomena in rock masses

Large scale field tests of rock bolts and high-tensile steel wire mesh subjected to dynamic loading

M. Cala, A. Roth & A. Roduner

Unifying energetic approach for the control of ground vibrations

C. Dinis da Gama

A numerical study on the ground amplifications in areas above abandoned room and pillar mines and old longwall mines

M. Genis & Ö. Aydan

Spatio-temporal analysis of the influence of mining on the surface – A case study from the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field

E. Jiránková & P.Waclawik

Control of rockburst risk in hard coal longwall mining – A case study

P. Konicek, R. Kukutsch, J. Ptácek, K. Soucek, L. Staš & P.Waclawik

Integration of geomechanical and geophysical analysis methods for the prediction of seismic events in underground mining

B. Orlecka-Sikora & W. Pytel

Determination of dynamic rock strength to assess blasting efficiency

F.L. Pellet, V.K. Dang, C. Baumont, M. Dusseux & G.J. Huang

Dynamic modelling of a mining-induced fault slip

A. Sainoki & H. Mitri

The estimation of the effectiveness of torpedo blasting based on an analysis of focal mechanisms of induced mining tremors in the Bielszowice coal mine

Ł. Wojtecki, M.J. Mendecki, A. Talaga & W.M. Zuberek

9. Design methodology in rock engineering

Rock engineering design and the evolution of Eurocode 7

L.R. Alejano, A. Bedi, A. Bond, A.M. Ferrero, J.P. Harrison, L. Lamas, M.R. Migliazza, R. Olsson, Á. Perucho, A. Sofianos, H. Stille & D. Virely

Risk management approach for the design of underground constructions

B. Amusin & J. Eisenberg

A new design approach for rockfall barriers

A. Grimod & G. Giacchetti

Influence of in-situ stress variation on results of back analyses – an open pit case study

M. Grošic, D. Vidovic & Ž. Arbanas

The contribution of rock mechanics to small-scale mining in Indonesia

P.N. Hartami, B. Nugroho, S. Mayangsari & Nurhardono

Index of time-dependency for rock and its application for the assessment of the long-term stability of underground structures

K. Hashiba & K. Fukui

Rock ledge support design. A deterministic and stochastic approach

J. Jakubowski & J.B. Stypulkowski

Protection of a tunnel entrance from rockfall risk

C. Mignelli, K. Daneshmand & D. Peila

Infrared thermography methodology applied to detect localized rockfalls in self-supporting underground mines

M.B. Prendes-Gero, F.J. Suárez-Domínguez, C. González-Nicieza & M.I. Álvarez-Fernández

Are classification systems outdated?

W. Schubert

Sensitivity analysis of the generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion

P. Ván & B. Vásárhelyi

Analysis and treatment of a diversion tunnel in adverse geological conditions: A case study from south-western China

J.K. Yang, Y.F.Wang & D.F. Chen

Excavation and monitoring of the main tailrace tunnels of the Xiangjiaba underground power station

Z. Yi

Periphery mapping in NATM tunnels

B. Yilmaz & H. Keskin Citiroglu

10. Mechanical breakage of rocks

Investigations on the fracture behaviour of rocks in a triaxial compression test

L. Baumgarten & H. Konietzky

The relationships between Drilling Rate Index (DRI), physico-mechanical properties and specific cutting energy for some carbonate rocks

G. Ekincioglu, R. Altindag, N. Sengun, S. Demirdag & A. Guney

A new small scale rock cutting test

M. Entacher, S. Lorenz, R. Galler & G.Winter

Emission analysis of the cutting tools used for hard rock cutting with regard to status monitoring

K. Nienhaus, C. Kuchinke & D. Röllinger

3D elastic solutions for point load and Brazilian indirect tensile strength tests

M. Serati, H. Alehossein, N. Erarslan & D.J.Williams

11. Rock tunnel excavation and support

Underground construction at high altitudes: A case history on Mont Blanc in Italy

G. Bragonzi, P. Cancelli, R. Castellanza & G. Frigerio

Evaluation of geological conditions ahead of a tunnel face using the Tunnel Seismic Prediction method (TSP) – Lesson learned from the Pahang-Selangor raw water transfer tunnel, Malaysia

M.A.M. Ismail, R. Azit, S.M. Ng, H. Zabidi, N. Bakhudin & Z. Nordin

Tunnel behaviour and support in molassic rocks. Experience from 12 tunnels in Greece

V. Marinos, G. Prountzopoulos & P. Fortsakis

New yielding elements for tunnel linings: Design requirements, layout and influence on system behavior

W. Schubert & N. Radoncic

A Rock Mass Rating system for predicting TBM utilization 921

S. Yagiz, T. Kim, O. Frough & S.R. Torabi

12. Petroleum rock mechanics

Observations of the intrinsic acoustic anisotropy of sands in various geologic settings

L.A. Hathon & M.T. Myers

Well stimulation on the basis of preliminary triaxial tests of reservoir rock

V.I. Karev & Yu.F. Kovalenko

Evaluation of stress changes due to multi-stage hydraulic fracturing – Consideration of field results

N.B. Nagel, F. Zhang, M.A. Sanchez-Nagel & B. Lee

Analysis of the hydromechanical behavior of fault zones in petroleum reservoirs

G.L. Righetto, C.E.R. Lautenschläger, N. Inoue & S.A.B. da Fontoura

13. Geological CO2 sequestration

AE monitoring of hydraulic fracturing experiments conducted using CO2 and water

T. Ishida, Y. Nagaya, S. Inui, K. Aoyagi, Y. Nara, Y. Chen, Q. Chen & Y. Nakayama

Effects of vertical stress on fracture propagation using super critical carbon dioxide

A. Kizaki, K. Ohashi, H. Tanaka & K. Sakaguchi

Assessing the geomechanical effects of CO2 injection in a depleted gas field in Poland by field scale modelling

B. Orlic, M. Mazurowski, B. Papiernik & S. Nagy

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