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Environmental management at airports



Environmental pressure on the aviation industry wordwide requires continual reassesment of the social and legal obligations of airport authorities.Environmental management at airports examines these obligations and,using examples from airports in Europe,A


  • ISBN: 9780727725202
  • Páginas: 251
  • Tamaño: 16X24
  • Edición: Primera
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 1999

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Contenido Environmental management at airports

Environmental pressure on the aviation industry worldwide requires continual reassessment of the social and legal obligations of airport authorities. This book examines these obligations and, using examples from airports in Europe, America and Australia identifies key issues and the measures taken to address them.

The book contains the papers from a conference held in 1995 by leading experts in environmental management from the aviation industry. The topics examined include:

noise abatement
air quality monitoring
waste management
contamination and protection of ground and surface waters
the environment, legal and health impacts of the industry, on both individuals and communities

Continuous environmental protection and sustainable development for the industry require effective management programmes. The authors provide examples of programmes from several international airports which have proved to be effective in reducing environmental liabilities and in promoting the social acceptability of airport operations.

For airport managers and environmental consultants alike, this book provides a valuable source of reference on current best practice in sustaining effective environmental management within the developing aviation industry.


Advancing environmental mangement through voluntary initiatives

Noise related to airposrt operations-community impacts

Noise abatement at Zurich Airport

Changes in air quality processess in United States

Review of ambient air quality at major Canadian airports

Airport air quality moitoring by AEA Technology

Surface water contamination caused by airport operations

Surface water at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Airfield groundwater contamination - an overview

Groundwater protection measures at the new Munich Airport

Waste management and airports

Waste management in the air and on the ground: an ecology model of Vienna International Airport

Environmental impact assessment: the Norwegian experience

Environmental management within the Federal Airports Corporation  (Australia)

Human Health Impacts


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